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Services - Oil Boiler Servicing

If you have a domestic oil boiler we recommend that you have your boiler/burner serviced annually to make sure it's running safely and efficiently and to ensure it doesn't let you down when you most need it. We are experienced and fully qualified to oftec standards so you can be assured you're getting the right service from the right people, don't leave it until it's too late, some boiler breakdowns can be prevented with annual servicing contact us today and arrange for a service visit.

Our boiler servicing consists of a full service to the burner and boiler. We remove and examine the baffles, clean the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets, renew if necessary.


We are always looking for flue gas leakage within the boiler spigot and flueways, if this is apparent it can be life threatening,( see my carbon monoxide page for more information) we will seal and advise if necessary . BE SAFE

  • Remove the oil burner


  • Replace blast tube “o”ring (if required)


  • Remove clean and inspect the blast tube


  • Replace the atomizing nozzle (if required)


  • Check / test solenoids


  • Check and clean photocell


  • Check the ignition transformer and ignition leads


  • Check and adjust electrode settings replace if necessary


  • Reassemble the burner and test, adjusting oil pump pressure and air settings to the Manufactures recommended instructions

What do we do...

Carbon Monoxide - Are you safe

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO) and where does it come from?


Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas produced when gas, coal or oil is burnt inefficiently. It has no smell, taste or colour. It is silent, invisible and deadly. It leaks from flues and appliances when they have been poorly maintained or simply break down. Even adverse weather conditions have been given as official reason behind leaks of CO that proved fatal.


What can Carbon Monoxide do to you?


It can kill quickly when it leaks in large quantities or can build up over a period of time, initially causing symptoms such as headaches, nausea and dizziness. Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide can infiltrate the body's blood, sapping it of life-sustaining oxygen. Even short-term exposure to large amounts -- such as unknowingly sleeping in a house with a faulty boiler -- can trigger headaches, nausea and confusion. Those symptoms are warning signs that insufficient oxygen is reaching the brain and other vital organs. These are often incorrectly diagnosed by the medical profession as flu.


Who is at risk from Carbon Monoxide Poisening?


All humans and animals are at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. No one is immune. ROSPA report around 200 deaths in the UK each year and many more injuries from CO poisoning in the home. Experts believe that those most at risk are young children, pregnant women and people with respiratory problems.


What can you do to protect yourself?


Always ensure that your oil fired appliance is regularly checked and serviced (annually). This will reduce the chance of a CO leak but not eliminate it as appliances can become faulty and flues blocked in-between service dates.

Service Charges

Boiler Servicing Starting Costs


  • Non Condensing Oil Boiler: £60

  • Condensing Oil Boiler or Combi : £65

  • Condensing  Combi Oil Boiler : £70


Prices may vary depending on extra travel and parts required.