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With oil pollution incidents down for the fourth year running, OFTEC is reminding commercial users to make sure they are prepared for new regulations coming in one month's time. The third and final phase of the Control of Pollution Regulations for England will take effect on September 1st, and applies where more than 200 litres of oil is stored in tanks and containers, outside and above ground at commercial premises.


Those affected include businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, hospitals, museums, offices, warehouses and banks and others who store oil in substantial quantities for oil-fired central heating. It also applies to domestic premises (single family dwellings) storing over 3,500 litres of oil.


Essentially, the new regulations signal a move towards secondary containment (eg bunding) of all oil storage tanks at commercial premises.


The first two phases of the Control of Pollution Regulations have had an extremely positive effect in terms of reducing oil spillages. This new third phase should help continue this downward trend, supported by all the positive work that OFTEC does by working with oil tank and appliance manufacturers to design out any potential problems."


Regular maintenance checks on oil storage and ancillary equipment should help detect any potential problems before they occur. Looking after your oil storage will help to reduce the risk of oil pollution occurring and can save you money from lost oil and clean up costs.


Important Information

  • All new oil stores were required to comply with the Regulations by 1 March 2002


  • Existing oil stores "at significant risk" had to comply by 1 September 2003


  • All remaining existing oil stores must comply by 1 September 2005.

Oil Tank Security

We have been made increasingly aware of a growing number of thefts from domestic oil tanks.  With many oil tanks sited in quiet rural backwaters, thieves often have the chance to drain tanks completely unnoticed. "Usually it is only when people run out of oil that the theft becomes apparent, but regularly making a note of oil levels and taking simple preventative measures will help to ensure you are not the The following information supplied by us contains useful advice to pass on to customers.


Keep an eye on your oil with this oil tank alarm and oil level





The Watchman Alarm consists of a transmitter and receiver unit. The transmitter unit is fitted to the tank and measures the level of fuel inside. This information is relayed wirelessly to the receiver unit, which cleverly and conveniently plugs into a standard 3 pin domestic socket, where it is displayed via an easy to read LCD display.


In the event of a sudden drop in the level of fuel stored inside the tank, an alarm is activated on the receiver unit, alerting the oil tank owner and allowing necessary action to be taken.


£130 inc. VAT & P&P. Free fitting with service.


Watchman Alarm Features


  • Inbuilt alarm function

  • Quick and easy to install with no specialist tools required

  • Transmission range of up to 200 metres

  • Fully compatible with Signalman depot based monitoring systems

  • Suitable for almost any Oil Tank up to 3.0 metres tall - including Bunded Oil Tanks

  • Optional low level audible alarm

  • Quick and easy to install

  • ATEX compliant






Watchman Alarm